Smartwhip Full Set (N2O Cylinder 615g & Pressure Regulator)



In this package: 1x Smartwhip Silver N2O Cylinder 615g, 1x pressure release nozzle.

  • Quality guaranteed: Purity and pressure tested at 165 bar by our EU-based manufacturer, our product conforms to all European laws and regulations. This way, we can deliver the highest quality food-grade nitrous oxide money can buy.
  • Improved sustainability: A non-toxic, odourless and impermeable material that doesn’t rust, aluminium is better for the environment and consumers. It’s endlessly recyclable and transfers no metallic flavour to food.
  • Sleek design: Featuring a luxurious, sleek design, Smartwhip Silver sits perfectly on a kitchen or bar counter, giving guests a glimpse of the extraordinary creations that the device can create.
  • Low in weight, high in efficiency: The drop in weight from the aluminium casing significantly reduces transport costs, making Smartwhip Silver a practical solution for caterers and wholesalers alike.